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Electricity Trade show is accompanied by a series of training sessions and specialist workshops organized in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers.


The trainings are aimed at a wide range of recipients related to energy, construction and industry as well as local government units. Below we present the topics of the trainings accompanying the 20th International Trade Show of Electric Fittings and Security Systems ELECTRICITY.

Workshops subjects
  • LV and Sn power cable lines
  • Selected issues in the field of requirements, design and execution
  • Selected issues of design and execution of LV and Sn overhead lines
  • Live work
  • Tariffs, dynamic tariffs
  • Sn / LV transformer stations – station selection, location and operation in urban areas
  • What’s new in switchgears – selected issues in the field of design and configuration of low voltage switchgears in residential, industrial and public buildings; location of switchboards
  • Energy consumption monitoring – metering, quality analysis, management
  • Emergency and guaranteed power supply systems in objects of various nature and purpose; solutions for critical loads
  • Reactive power compensation – how to check if we pay for the over-contractual consumption of inductive reactive energy and for the consumption of capacitive reactive energy, effective and properly selected compensation
  • Fire protection of buildings
  • Selection and operation of electrical equipment for operation in an explosive atmosphere
  • RES in 2023 – review of the latest solutions, profitability of photovoltaics after the changes effective from April 1, 2022, energy storage; microcogeneration; requirements and recommendations during works related to the use of photovoltaic installations
  • Electricity construction in the light of the construction law – the most important changes important for the designer and supervision inspector with a comment
  • Effective lightning protection system – a compendium of knowledge for the designer, supervision inspector and people responsible for securing various types of buildings and their equipment. The training is organized under the patronage and in cooperation with the Polish Committee for Lightning Protection SEP
  • Lowering the operating costs of buildings of various purpose and nature
  • Training organized under the patronage and in cooperation with the National Energy Conservation Agency and the Energy Conservation Foundation
  • Modern lighting equipment – requirements, solutions, research – a compendium of knowledge for a designer, installer, seller and manufacturer
  • Modern solutions for the construction and modernization of the teletechnical network, – modern teletechnical solutions enabling access to the Internet, design and construction of satellite and terrestrial television systems and systems enabling effective protection of property, CCTV video monitoring, identification and access control for the needs of collective, institutional and individual recipients. Training organized under the patronage and in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Digital Broadcasting and the Association of Polish
  • Telecommunication Technology XXI
  • Light and electrical engineering for local governments – A meeting of local government representatives organized under the patronage and in cooperation with the Union of Rural
  • Communes of the Republic of Poland and the Union of Polish Cities
  • Mazovian Civil Engineer Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any seats during lectures?

Yes, they are

Who takes part in the workshops?

The workshops are aimed at a wide range of recipients - electrical engineers, surveillance inspectors, installers, architects and representatives of local authorities, road and energy management from all over Poland.

What is the workshops program?

The program is varied and depends on the current situation in the industry. The program will be published in early 2023.

What should I do to attend the workshop as a speaker?

Please contact us for more details

Do you have to be an exhibitor to present your offer during the training?

Yes, lectures during our workshops, training and seminars are available only for the exhibitors.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us!

+48 22 649 76 69 lub +48 22 649 76 71